The beginning...

Lysh meet Leigh, Leigh meet Lysh, now lets have a few vinos, sing karaoke until our voices hurt and our shoes are off and have been thrown into the corner!  Well that was fun! Thanks Shar for getting engaged and therefore having a ripper hens party, in turn giving us the chance to meet and talk absolute smack, but most importantly realising how much we have in common and have the same passion for homewares and interiors.

So here we are, 6 months in and boy have we learnt a lot, from how to source beautifully crafted products, from afar and locally made, creating a website from scratch, learning about SEO and why its important...eyes still glaze over and think of donuts when SEO is involved, lets be honest...and also learning about one another as we've literally known each other for less than a year and decided to pretty much have a baby! An online homewares boutique baby that is!  So there you go, our baby Strangers Collective was born and we couldn't be more proud and stoked to have got this far, we love it and hope you do too.  

A little bit about Leigh...

I'm a mumma to a little munchkin named Van, he's 17 months old and crazy!  I love making things look perfect and everything has it's place, so please don't move it, I will know! People think I'm weird that I don't drink coffee, but seriously though yuck, bring me a pot of tea any day. Clutter is one of my pet peeves, my husband seems to test this one constantly! I seriously can't focus unless the house is tidy and in order.  You can never have enough cushions and throws, they are cosy and comfy and add depth and texture to any space, so get amongst it peeps!  

A little bit about Lysh...

I'm also a mumma, to Mila-rose and Nixon.  I'm a self confessed shark movie buff, yes thats right, shark movies, anything with sharks i've probably seen it. Fun fact about me and my family, so far this year we have built a house, which we sold, bought another and sold that too, moved to another town and planning on building again already! So we have moved 3 times within the space of 4 months...I am basically the gypsy queen, also real fun with 2 kids in tow!  Interiors and styling is my thing, i'm all about it and how if you do it correctly it can totally transform a room/space.

So there you go thats us, Strangers Collective, Lysh and Leigh in a nut shell, a brief intro to who we are and what we're about.  We are both quite crazy about interiors and styling and all things home related to say the least, and venturing down this path was only natural for the both of us and we couldn't be more happy to have met one another to do so.

We also have some pretty exciting stuff in the pipelines and are really hoping to get those under way as soon as possible, we honestly can't wait to get it all up and running so we can share with you all!  So if you're interested and want to stay in the loop, then go sign up to our newsletter and/or follow us on instagram or facebook, your support means mountains to us and we would love for you to follow us on our journey.

she was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying ~ Atticus

L & L xx