Shop Loving

Shop Loving

Apologies for the radio silence, however we have been very busy, read on to see why...

So a lot has happened in the past few months, exciting things, and if you've been following us on social media then you might know this by now, but one of those exciting things is that we opened up a little shop in the heart of our home town of Nelson, NZ. Yup, thats right, we have a bricks and mortar store and we are just so proud of what we have achieved thus far.  Its something we've talked about from the beginning and thought how cool it would be to have our own store, and now we're doing it!  

We literally did a happy dance when it was all finalised and the space was ours, soon followed by a mini freak out panic moment of OMG we need more stock, and how much do we get?! and what about an eftpos machine? and signage? and all that stuff that you initially don't think of until you're thinking about it, and then you think about it and your eyes are soon as wide as a possum in headlights and your brain is hurting from all the extra thinking.  After the initial freak out moment, we made a plan and a ton of lists and slowly but quickly, as we only had a few weeks, worked through them all.  All our shelving and counter were made by Lysh's brother, which we helped sand and coat, so we're practically carpenters now, definitely adding that to my skills on the resume.  The shop was coming to life and we were chuffed as nuts to say the least, it looked beautiful and felt amazing.


Our vision is to bring beautifully crafted homewares together to create a warm and inviting homely feel, with style. We essentially want our customers to feel welcome and walk away feeling inspired for their own living spaces, as we believe a well curated space makes a house a home. We are here not to just sell our beautiful goodies, but to help out with selecting pieces that will reflect ones style and environment.


We source our products from all over, but like to stick to NZ made or designed where possible, as we love to support other small businesses and NZ brands just like us.  As we select all our products ourselves, we endeavour to maintain a degree of difference and style that sets us apart from any other stores in Nelson.

We've had so much amazing feedback already and feel like this is just the beginning for us to create something amazing.  There are a lot of great ideas floating about at the moment with what direction we will head towards, and we can't wait to get them under way and into first gear so we can share them all with our lovely followers.  Thats you!

Please stay with us and follow our journey, we won't disappoint, promise!  Go check us out on our instagram and facebook for inspo and product pics, and if you sign up to our newsletter you'll get 10% off on your first order, you're welcome!

Thanks for dropping by, we have all the heart eyes for our lovely customers and followers.

HOME ~ [holm] n. A Story of who we are. A collection of things we love.

Lysh & Leigh xx