Concrete Soho Candle - Blush - Natural & Pink

Concrete Soho Candle - Blush - Natural & Pink


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Soy wax candle in a Natural + Pink concrete vessel. This concrete vessel is hand-crafted from quality masonry materials and sealed for enduring protection.  The beauty of these candles are that the concrete vessel can still be used after the candle has burned out.  

Note: No two concrete vessels are the same and variations will occur with colours and patterns.

Size: 320g / 8.5cm h x 10cm w
Burn time: Approx 30 + hours
Total Weight: 750g

Scent | Blush | Floral bouquet of spring and exotic flowers throwing blooming fragrance ~ Freesia, Jasmine + Honeysuckle

Comes with caring for your candle instructions and gift box.