Making the Right Impression With the Ideal Gift Basket

Making the Right Impression With the Ideal Gift Basket

Are you looking for the perfect gift that will make a great first impression and leave them feeling special? Feel special? With a gift basket? Seriously, they’re so generic! You might say. 

Not any more, gone are the days of baskets filled with random food that will be eaten and forgotten about a month later. Nowadays we have a huge range of baskets and no shortage of persuasion or occasion. 

That’s right from the cheese freaks to the eco-travelers, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re now freaking out a little and starting to feel the twinge of decision fatigue, take a deep breath and read on. 

We’ve got you covered, from a completely custom basket to a certain personality, this guide will simplify the decision. We’ll provide you with top tips on picking the right one - guaranteed to set you off on the right foot!

Aren’t Gift Baskets a Little Old Fashioned?

No way! Gift baskets are the perfect way to show someone you care as well as being in style. Not only do they make a great first impression, but they can be tailored to any occasion and create an unforgettable statement. 

Gift baskets can be themed for any situation, occasion or personality, so whether your mate is having a risqué hens party or a traditional high tea, your gift basket will be perfectly appropriate! 

It’s like giving a bunch of gifts in one. Now you won’t have to choose between that one expensive light ring or upgraded microphone for your best mate’s 100,000 subscribers celebration. 

You don’t need to risk getting a present that’s not exactly what they wanted but they now have to use. What about gifting a whole range of YouTube-themed items that aren’t awkwardly expensive but still tell them - you made it mate, you’re special, congrats!

Gift baskets also provide a unique way of saying thank you or you’re important with thoughtful presents that fit the vibe. There’s no better way to express your appreciation than with one of these wonderful gift basket ideas.

Get Personal 

The wonderful thing about gift baskets is that you’re always able to add your own unique touch to the basket. You’re not limited to what's in the basket, if you want to add some thoughtful item, such as a photo of special memories, or a handwritten note - go for it!

Personalisation isn't limited to gifting for family and friends, corporates can get in on this too! When we bought our first home, along with treats, the real estate agent added a photo book, showing a timeline of renovations of our new house. It was not only thoughtful and specific, but it helped us forge a deeper connection with our new home

At Strangers Collective our ‘calling card’ is a tangible item included in our baskets. If you’re keen to gift a foodie basket, you’ll be well aware that the food disappears very fast! So we add an eco-product that will stay with the recipient long after the food’s gone. This way you can be sure they'll be reminded of you and all that amazing food that came with their gift.

Themed Gift Baskets: All Occasions

Themed baskets make giving fun, you can choose something as simple as a colour theme or as specific as a food group your recipient is known for raving about. It can be as classic as a Christmas basket or as particular as a “farewell brave traveller” hamper. 

There are countless options available, if you’re looking for food and beverage hampers that include delicious snacks, cookies and chocolates. Maybe try some fun festive gifts or pamper hampers featuring luxury skin care and candles. You can also personalise your gift basket with something they’ll love - making it totally unique for them.

Themed baskets are the perfect option for corporates too, whether you’re a real estate agent congratulating a client on their purchase or a consulting firm thanking your client for another successful year. You’ll find exactly what you need and of course, adding a characteristic item that showcases your company values makes your gift complete.

Custom Gift Baskets: A Unique Gift For a Unique Person

With these gifts, there are endless possibilities! From pamper hampers with luxurious bath products and scented candles to foodie boxes filled with delicious treats. Provide your budget and either pick and mix yourself or tell the experts your vision - the ideas are only limited by your imagination. 

The best thing about a custom basket (aside from removing that one random thing you just know isn’t going to vibe with your recipient) - is that they can be tailored to suit any budget. No matter your price range, you can create something truly special that won’t break the bank. 

Why not give us a call at Strangers and we’ll put together the perfect basket for you. Better yet, browse the website and pick and mix your favourite products - just make sure you remind us to package it up as a basket for you!

The Right Basket for The Right Person

Picking the right gift basket for someone special can be a daunting task! But fear not, here are some top tips to ensure your gift is perfect.

Consider the person you’re buying for - who are they? What do they like? What do they do? Think about their hobbies and interests as well as their favourite flavours or colours. This will help narrow down your search and make it easier to find something that suits them perfectly. 

Your natural next step is to think about the occasion - if it’s for a birthday or anniversary, then luxurious hampers filled with treats are always a great choice - treat them to something special!

If it’s just because, or to celebrate an event like buying a house or having a baby, opt for something more personalised. Try an art set or pamper hamper featuring all of their favourites.

Finally, don’t forget to add your own unique touch by including thoughtful items such as photos of special memories together or handwritten notes expressing how much they mean to you. With these tips in mind you can be sure to pick the right basket every time!

Gift baskets are the perfect gift because they come in many different varieties and styles. There are endless options that can be tailored to fit any special occasion or person. 

These gifts are cost-effective and provide an opportunity to add a personal touch to the gift. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find a basket that will make them smile!

Check out our entire gift basket range at Strangers Collective today, or customise your own and make it extra special.

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