The Strange Way

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The Strange Way encompasses 5 principles that underpin all decisions for Strangers Collective. 

  • Ethical - The first question asked of all new Strangers looking to join the collective is "Who made this?" Ensuring items are made with joy and not under duress or causing harm to other humans is #1 for Strangers Collective.

  • Environmentally Responsible - All our manufacturers are striving to do the best they can for the environment and the way we do things at Strangers follows suit. We re-use all packaging for shipping and we use R3pack courier bags.

  • Beautiful - We sell beautiful things for your space and for your lifestyle, be it for children, pets or your space - its beauty will shine through.

  • Empowered - Strangers support empowerment however that may look, we may promote a young entrepreneur's creations (My Secret Message), or partner with Strangers who give back (Lagom).

  • Neighbourly - We focus on partnering largely with other small businesses from Aotearoa, but acknowledge that as humans we belong to the world. If they fit our values, we embrace brands from outside of Aotearoa and always give them the neighbourly treatment.

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