How it all began...

Strangers Collective was created from a mutual love of interiors, homewares and lifestyle.

We are a couple of seriously passionate, a little bit mad, mummas that love all things interior and design.  We were brought together by a mutual friend and from that it was evident that we needed to join forces and make our dreams a reality...that reality being Strangers Collective. 

We believe that home is where the heart is and love to surround ourselves with objects and textiles that bring harmony and beauty into our homes.  So with that in mind and as our inspiration, we set off to find unique well designed pieces. From cute little ceramic bowls, to handwoven beautiful throws, amazing hand drawn prints and even plant based hand soaps and creams. So far we are in love with every piece we have discovered and hope you are too.

Our search continues to bring more of what we love to you, as we are always looking for new and exciting products that make our hearts sing.

L & L xx