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The Getting Lost Game is a real world travel adventure game created in New Zealand and played around the world to get wonderfully lost and explore new places.

Designed by Kiwi Travel Bloggers Cat & James, Getting Lost has been wingman to over 50,000 adventures around the world.

The Story

In 2014 James is a Joiner living in a farm cottage on the Hauraki Plains. Cat works at an Advertising Agency in Auckland. Their worlds collide. It’s messy, tough, wonderful and full of adventure.

Cat writes about their adventures on a blog called Getting Lost. People started to follow their blog and they built a community of like minded adventurers.  People started asking how they can find all the off the beaten track places that Cat & James find – the waterholes, shipwrecks, parks and beaches.

And from that question an idea started to form.  An idea for a game that would get us all away from the algorithms that know us so well and
instead challenge us to adventure without a plan. 

And thus, the Getting Lost Game was created.

The Game

You’re encouraged to make your own rules - the ways you can play it are endless and entirely adaptable to you. Here’s some ideas we’ve had though

- For quick play, pick a new direction card at each intersection or after you’ve completed a direction

- For a game that lasts a couple of hours pick a new card every 5 minutes.

- Want to keep it simple?  Just keep in the direction cards (left, right, north,
south etc) and take ones more likely to take you further from home.

- Looking for a weekend get away? Play the game until you get the “head for home” card and then find a hotel or camp-ground in what ever town you are in when you get the card.

- Don’t want to stop for treats? Take the treat and drink card out before you start playing.

- Want to surprise someone? Add in your own card in the middle (yes, they have the engagement card available on their website too!)

Each card measures 91mm x 55mm and they’re also printed in NZ. They have misdirection cards on one side
and NZ locations (known as our inspiration cards) on the other side.

The game is ideally suited to outdoor play and there are a few cards you won’t be able to use if you are on
foot (like follow a white car – unless you are very quick!).  But if you do want to play on foot why not add on the Walkers Edition for more walking misdirections.

The Good Advice

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  

Getting Lost Terms and Conditions are here, but if you have any other questions please e-mail Cat at 

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